The rebellious fruit rescuers

Rscued are the rebellious company that have made it their mission to save all fruits that currently goes to waste in the food industry. By reaching out and collaborating with everyone from producers and suppliers to grocery stores and end consumers. They collect fruit that would otherwise get throw away and turn them in to different drinks and other products. 

We spent 4 weeks working on defining and positioning them as a brand. To be perceived as the rebellious company that they are.

Time 4 weeks

Role Art Director

Tools Adobe Suite


The Challenge
Define and position the Rscued brand

One third of all fruit that gets produced ends up in landfills

Rscued see themselves as the rebellious brand with a DIY approach and a punk attitude. Their mission is clear, they want rescue all fruits and vegetables from going to waste.

Rscued reached out to us to help them communicate their values and vision to their stakeholders. 


Planning our research


Ideation session


Summarizing  our findings

Our process
Understranding the brand

We started by planning out our different areas of research i.e. analyzing the different touch points of the brand, mapping out the competitors and doing workshops and interviews with our client.

To get a better understanding of the problem statements in the brief it was important for us understand the history and purpose of their company and to aligh with our clients about their vision and how they wanted to be perceived.


Collaboration & Craftmanship

One of the most important things for Rscued to suceed with their mission is to find partners to collaborate with.  All of the fruits and vegetables that goes into their products are given to them for free.

A big part of the job therefore involves constantly reaching out to new potential partners and picking up their leftover produce. All of the fruit is then brought back to their factory where its sorted and cleaned by hand.

It was important for Rscued to communicate the craftmanship behind their product as a way to motivate their pricing.

New Graphics


The new logo symbol we created for them looks like a mishaped fruit, a lot of the fruit that gets rejected is because of its odd shape. Looking more close you will see that it also represent a handshake. This is to communicate the collaboration but also the hand made craft behind the products.


We created this symbol that brands who collaborate with Rscued can use on their packaging.


The symbol can also be used as a pattern to further illustrate the collaborations within their production chain.

Brand Activation

A guerilla marketing campaign that aims to bring awareness to the food waste problem and Rscued. The idea is to use these fruit stickers and place them on fruits in grocery stores. Customers will see the front of the sticker with the "stop hand sign" and on the back of the sticker see the message. When they go to the cooled beverage sections there Rscued juices are there will be similar signs showing Rscued as the messenger behind the stickers.

Brand book

Here is the full brand book that we delivered to Rscued ath the end of the project. 

What did i learn?

This was an amazing client to work because their cause and business idea is something I can really get behind. 

The biggest challenge was that the client asked us to help define their brand and deliver a brandbook in the same time as they didn't want us to change any of their existing branding. There was a conflict between delivering what the client expected and what we thought would be most rewarding for us. Given that this was a school project we decided to go a little bit outside the brief and deliver what we thought was the most interesting. 

If I would do this project again I would have made sure that we scheduled more meetings with the client to keep them involved throughout the process.